Unlock Success with Comprehensive Mental Health and Substance Use Treatment Solutions

At Howard Consulting Services, we stand as your partner in fostering mental health and substance use treatment excellence. Through personalized solutions and unwavering support, we empower organizations to thrive in their mission of healing and recovery. Let us guide you towards sustainable success today.


Licencing Assistance

Navigating the intricacies of state licensure to ensure compliance and legitimacy in practice.

Accreditation Support

Aligning organizational policies and procedures with esteemed standards such as CARF and Joint Commission.

Start-up Services

Providing foundational support for new ventures including operational policies, business planning, financial projections, market research, and staffing strategies.

Insurance Contracting

Streamlining the process of contracting with insurance companies to broaden accessibility and coverage options for clients.


Since 2009 TJ has worked directly in the Mental Health and Substance Use space. Currently he operates Howard Consulting Services, a Mental Health Program operational firm. Before starting his consulting firm TJ was the Sr. Vice President of Provider Relationships at MAP Health Management. Prior to that, TJ held positions in treatment as a Tech, Counselor, Case Manager, Admissions Specialist, Director of Admissions, and multiple Corporate Director roles including Corporate Director of Managerial Policy and Procedures (Executive Operations). He has performed interventions, safe client transports, and has an extended history being a resource on addiction and helping those in need. TJ holds a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice, a Criminalistics Certificate, and did post-grad work in Biology at the University of North Texas. TJ is a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in Texas, a Certified Addiction Professional in Florida, and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor.



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